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Autumn 2 Newsletter (November – December 2017)

Date: October 26, 2017 Author: Kate Porteous Categories: News, Pre-School Newsletters

We hope that you have had an enjoyable week with your children and that they are all refreshed and ready for the next half term’s fun.

Our topic for this half term is ‘Autumn Explorers & Winter Wonders’. Which will allow us to make the most of the beautiful natural resources available at this time of the year. We intend to continue to spend as much time as possible outside, so please provide your child with warm and waterproof clothing (Coat & waterproof trousers) and a pair of wellies would be great too! However your child will still need separate shoes for wearing indoors.

On Friday 3rd November, we have Tempest Photography coming in to take photographs. Children who are in on this day will be photographed automatically, please let a member of staff know if you do NOT want your child done. If your child does not normally attend this session, but you would like their photo to be taken, please select a time slot (Displayed on the board on the patio). Siblings and group photos are welcome, but please seek permission from your child’s class teacher to allow them to attend.

Week one: 30th October – 3rd November ‘Autumn Celebrations’ 

  • Bonfire & Firework pictures (Craft activity)
  • Fire drill & fire safety
  • Camp fire role play (imaginative play)
  • Song: 10 little fireworks / 5 little pumpkins
  • Story: Barn on fire

Week two: 6th – 10th November ‘Autumn Explorers’ 

  • Nature walk to collect autumn resources
  • Leaf kebabs (fine motor skill activity)
  • Squirrel / Hedgehog collage (craft activity)
  • Create an autumn den
  • Autumn interest table
  • Song: 10 little squirrels
  • Story: Leaf trouble

Week three: 13th – 17th November ‘The Gruffalo’ Music & Movement – Gruffalo characters

  • Making masks – Gruffalo characters
  • Pine cone mouse
  • Gruffalo sequencing game
  • Autumn spiced play dough
  • Song: Big steps
  • Story: The Gruffalo

Week four: 20th – 24th November ‘Winter is coming’

  • Making toast for snack
  • Snowman name building activity
  • Exploring ice – melting activity
  • Getting dressed for winter game (helping children to develop indepence with getting dressed)
  • Creating a winter igloo den on the patio
  • Song: Snowman songs
  • Story: All you need for a Snowman

Week five: 27th – 1st December ‘Winters arrived!’ 

  • Christmas cards (craft activity)
  • Exploring torches & glow sticks in the dark den
  • Exploring the lightbox
  • Icing biscuits Making bead snowflakes
  • Song: Snowflake, snowflake
  • Story: Here comes Jack Frost

Week six: 4th – 8th December ‘Christmas is coming…’ 

  • Continue Christmas cards
  • Christmas Wreaths (craft activity)
  • Snowman / Father Christmas paper plate faces (craft activity)
  • Christmas tree decoration
  • Christmas themed counting activity
  • Song: Jingle Bells
  • Story: Stick Man

Week seven: 11th – 15th December ‘Winter wonders’ 

  • Continue Christmas tree decoration
  • Snow scene – small world play
  • Christmas ‘tube’ robins & penguins
  • Glitter fur cones Shaving foam mark making activity
  • Song: When Santa got stuck up the chimney
  • Story: Say hello to the winter animals

Week eight: 18th – 20th December ‘Santa Claus is coming to town!’ 

  • A selection of fun festive crafts & activities
  • Song: Selection of Christmas songs
  • Story: Father Christmas needs a wee

Important dates: 

 Back to Pre-school – Monday 30th October

Photographs Friday 3rd November

 Pre-school party – to be confirmed (letter follo)w

 Last day of term – Wednesday 20th December

 Christmas holidays Thursday 21st December – Wednesday 3rd January 2018

 Back to pre-school – Thursday 4th January 2018.

Collection of stuff: Please can you collect over the holidays:  Leaves, acorns, conkers, pine cones etc.  2 litre / 4 pints milk bottles

Christmas party:

In week 7 (11th – 15th Decemeber) we will be having our christmas party for children, where we have fun games, dancing and a visit from Father Christmas. A letter will follow with details of dates, times and other details.

We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.