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Spring 1 Newsletter (January – February 2018)

Date: January 4, 2018 Author: Kate Porteous Categories: News, Pre-School Newsletters

Happy New Year and welcome back to Pre-School.

We hope that you have had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. Thank you to everyone who gave us cards and presents, it was very thoughtful.


Could you please remember that we like to start our ‘circle time’ at 8.45AM and if your child arrives late, it keeps the other children waiting and takes longer for the children to settle. We do appreciate what a problem car parking can be but it would be great if all children could arrive by 8.45AM prompt so all the children can start ‘circle time’ together. On a similar note, could you also ensure that your child is collected on time as, like other settings, fees for late collection could be applied. The green gate will be locked at 8:50 am for safeguarding and security reasons.


If your child is absent due to sickness, or if your child is attending an appointment and will be in late, or on holiday please can you inform us as we may be able to accommodate a space to another child as extra if needed.

Polite Reminder

Please may we remind you that all toys need to remain at home. We cannot accept responsibility for toys that are lost or damaged.


We intend to continue to spend as much time as possible outside, so please provide your child with named, warm and waterproof clothing (Coat & waterproof trousers) and a pair of wellies would be great too! However your child will still need separate shoes for wearing indoors. Please at home could you encourage your child to independently get dressed, such as putting their own coat and shoes on.


Please look out for the ‘celebration stars’ which will be pinned on the shed every day. This is for you to record special ‘wow’ moments that your child has achieved outside of pre-school. There are some post-it note stars to write on and then these can be stuck on the board. We read these stars out at circle time so your child can share this special event with peers and staff and the stars are then added to your child’s special folder.

Our topic this half term is… ‘Pirates, Princesses and fairytales.’ 

We chose this topic for this half term as we have observed the children dressing up and enjoying stories. It gives us lots of flexibility and we are hoping to focus on using different construction materials and techniques, mathematical ideas, awareness of story structures and acting out a storyline.

Week 1: 4th & 5th January: ‘Settling back in.’ 

• Refamiliarise with pre-school routines and golden rules.

• Seeing our fiends and sharing our holiday news.

• Free choice activities which are child initiated.

Week 2: 8th – 12th January: ‘The Three Little Pigs’ 

• Making model houses (big & small scale).

• Exploring houses from around the world.

• Who lives in a house like this? (Matching activity).

• The Three Little Pigs collage.

Song: Silly & Clever Man.

Story: The Three Little Pigs.

Week 3: 15th – 19th January: ‘The Gingerbread Man’ 

• Making gingerbread people – cooking activity.

• Run, run as fast as you can (Physical development focus).

• Gingerbread Man hunt (Listening and attention focus).

• Gingerbread play-dough.

Song: Five Little Gingerbread Men.

Story: The Gingerbread Man.

Week 4: 22nd – 26th January ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ 

• Size focused activities (small, medium & large).

• Acting out the story in different mediums.

• Small world scene – The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

• Building bridges using a selection of different construction materials.

• Goats or Troll masks.

Song: Little steps.

Story: The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Week 5: 29th January – 2nd February ‘Pirates’ 

• Counting pirate treasure (Mathematical focus).

• Paper plate parrots

• Making treasure maps.

• Going on a treasure hunt.

Song: Selection of sea shanties

Story: Magic key stories, and a selection of pirate stories.

Week 6: 5th – 9th February ‘Princes & Princesses’ 

• Knights & Castle small world play.

• Designing & making crowns.

• Real princes & princesses around the world (Circle time activity).

Song: Pussy cat, pussy cat where have you been.

Story: Princess and the pea, and a selection of prince & princess stories.

Important Dates: 

Last day of term: Friday 9th February.

February half term: Monday 12th – Friday 16th February.

First day back after half term: Monday 19th February.