Covid-19 Update June 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience while we have continued our plans. Thank you also for completing our online questionnaire to inform us if you would be sending your child to pre-school from Tuesday 2nd June. This has really helped us to plan and organise our provision.



We have split the children and staff into 2 bubbles, and they will come into the pre-school on different days. In line with government guidelines we have had to make some changes to drop-off and pick up routines to reduce the volume of parents and children arriving on site at any one time. This is in order to minimise the number of people on site, reduce necessity for queuing and to enable site users to observe social distancing as much as practically possible.


Bubble 1:

Bubble 2:


Monday & Wednesday

Tuesday & Thursday


Drop off

Pick up

Drop off

Pick up

Group A

8:30 am

2:30 pm

8:30 am

2:30 pm

Group B

8:45 am

2:45 pm

8:45 am

2:45 pm

We will be in contact to tell you which bubble and group your child will be in. It is extremely important that you keep to these timings.

Important Site information:

  • The school site will be closed to all cars (other than staff cars), bikes and scooters. We ask that you park nearby and walk into the school site.
  • No adults (except staff) are allowed into the building.
  • There will be no before or after school provision.


In order to facilitate social distancing, the school have assigned entrances for each group. Our designated entrance and exit point is different from our usual entrance. When families drop off – you will see that a 2m exclusion zone has been created around the doorways – we ask that no adult crosses this line. There are also social distancing queuing spots (or equivalent) where we think queues may build – please use these to protect everyone.

Our entrance and exit point is the Right hand side gate of the staff car park (near our pre-school garden). There will be a one-way system for you to access this gate. You will need to walk up the staff car park on the right hand side (nearest the Infants school) and walk back down the left hand side (nearest the Junior school).

Staff from each school will be positioned at the designated entrances to meet the children.

Once again, in line with Government guidance there must be only one adult/carer per family to drop off or pick up their child(ren).

Please see the attached map for an overview of the one way system but rest assured there will be clear signs and members of staff will also be on site to direct you.

The one-way system will operate as follows – Blue = in and Yellow = Out:

school map.png

At the end of the day children will be brought out to the relevant gates and handed over to you. Please ensure that once you have collected your child you move away from the pick-up point to allow other parents to collect their children and we respectfully ask that you do not linger inside the school grounds or around the school gates.

Please ensure that you arrive at the correct times in order to avoid unnecessary congestion as intended. We ask for your co-operation to follow this new procedure, as the one way system is to limit contact between groups and so that we can maintain social distancing.

Things to bring each day:

  • Please apply sun cream to your child BEFORE they come into pre-school.
  • Clearly labelled lunch box (preferably plastic one)
  • Clearly labelled drinks bottle
  • 1 change of clothes in a clearly labelled plastic bag (no fabric bags allowed) please include: jumper, t-shirt, trousers/shorts, pants, socks and a pair of shoes
  • Own sunhat
  • Coat or jacket
  • Enough nappies and wipes for the day if your child is in nappies

We ask that your child be able to carry their own stuff into the pre-school and place them into an induvial storage box which will be located on the patio.

On arrival:

Please be aware that we will not be able to talk in detail to you at the drop off points, if you need to pass on any information then either phone us (after 9am), send a text or an email.

Please note: If your child is extremely distressed and not willing to walk into the pre-school room with us then you will be asked to take them home again, due to social distancing guidelines we will not be able to take them off of you and carry them in.

At the drop off point we will take your child’s temperature (forehead reading). Please note: If your child has a temperature you will be asked to take them home and follow the Government advice.

When your child comes into the pre-school room they will be encouraged to put their own belongs into an individual storage box and to wash their hands.


Due to there being more children on site within the Infants school, we have made the decision to only allow lunchboxes until further notice, no hot dinners from school will be allowed.

Please ensure that your child’s lunchbox is clearly named and where possible be a plastic lunchbox (not a fabric one). Please ensure that your child has their own water bottle which is clearly labelled.


Please do not allow your child to bring in any toys or comforters from home.

Temperature checks and symptoms:

We will be regularly checking the children’s temperature and monitoring them for any symptoms relating to Covid-19. If your child does develop any symptoms then we will follow the procedures in place to safeguard everyone.

Children: Parents will be contacted for immediate pick up and the pupil will be sent to the isolation room with a supervising member of staff using additional PPE equipment as advised by the Government.

Staff: Will be expected to leave pre-school immediately and apply for the key worker testing immediately. If positive, they must self-isolate.


Please follow the same procedure as when you dropped your child to pre-school. When you arrive at the gate a staff member will be there, they will radio to the staff member within the room which parent is there and they will send out your child and their belongings.

Accidents and medication book:

If your child has an accident and hurts themselves at pre-school, or needs their medication we will fill out the accident/medicine book as normal, however we will send home a slip with details of what happened/when medicine was administered and sign the book on your behalf.

Helping your child to prepare:

Please talk to your child and explain that things maybe a little different than what they are used too.

  • Different entrance into pre-school.
  • Staying 2 meters apart to stop the germs whilst in the car park.
  • Continue to teach them how to wash their hands and encourage this after sneezing, coughing, before and after food etc.
  • Catching a sneeze or a cough (preferably in the elbow).
  • Ask them to tell an adult if they are not feeling well.
  • Talk to the about the virus, there are a few social stories online which can help with this.

Stories -


We are looking forward to seeing the children and yourselves again and despite the adaptions are committed to making the return to pre-school as smooth as possible for all involved. If you have any questions regarding any of this process then please do contact us.

With very best wishes,

Jill and the pre-school team.