Spring 1 Newsletter (2020)

 January – February 2020 Newsletter.

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.  We hope you are looking forward to the fun filled term ahead of us.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new staff member Jane, who starts on Monday 6th January. Jane has recently completed her level 3 qualification in childcare, but comes to us with lots of knowledge of supporting children and their families from her previous.

Please continue to write ‘WOW’ stars for us to read out at morning circle, the children really enjoy having the praise and recognition for the things they have done.

What we are planning on exploring this half term:

During this half term we will be focusing our objective led planning (focused planning) on the learning area ‘Mathematics’, where we will be focusing on numbers and shapes. As all of your children received a Julia Donaldson book for Christmas we have decided to use this as our focus for the half term. Many of the films are available to view on BBC iPlayer for free.

Please can you collect; small cardboard boxes.

Week 1:  6th – 10th January.

  • Hopscotch on the patio.
  • Hoops colour challenge.
  • Making a person collage (focusing on the numbers of body parts).
  • Making clocks (craft activity)
  • Number focus: 1 & 2
  • Story: Tabby McTab
  • Song: Two little dickie birds

Week 2: 13th – 17th January.

  • Tracks in the …. (sand / paint / shaving foam)
  • Investigating mirrors
  • Shape interest table
  • Shapes around the world (wall display)
  • Number focus: 3 & 4
  • Story: Sharing a shell
  • Song: Three little monkeys

Week 3: 20th – 24th January.

  • Introducing ‘Bubbles’ the bear
  • 5 currant buns craft
  • How many people will fit on the broom? (space awareness activity)
  • Number focus: 5 & 6
  • Story: Room on the Broom
  • Song: Songs about the number 5

Week 4: 27th – 31st January.

  • Noughts and crosses craft activity
  • Snail race game
  • Snail trail writing
  • Measuring activities
  • Number focus: 7 & 8
  • Story: The Snail and the Whale
  • Song: Sea shanties

 Week 5: 3rd – 7th February.

  • 3D modelling – making houses
  • Investigating different types of homes (looking and talking focus)
  • Dark den
  • Messy play activities with the focus of squashing and squeezing
  • Music focus – Squeezy disco
  • Number focus: 9 & 10
  • Story: A squash and a Squeeze.
  • Song: Songs about the number 10

Week 6: 10th – 14th February.

  • Number jelly
  • Can you see walk? (shapes in the environment)
  • A special Valentines treat
  • Squirty bottles and number lines
  • Valentine’s Day / Friendship cards
  • Number focus: 1 – 10 recap
  • Story: The Scarecrows Wedding
  • Song: Friendship song


Important dates:

Last day of term: Friday 14th February

Half term: 17th – 21st February

First day back: Monday 24th February

A few points to remember:

Lunch boxes are NUT AND CONFECTIONARY FREE. Please can you ensure your child has a drink in their lunch and at least 1 piece of fruit.

Please do not bring in any toys from home.

Facebook – We have a closed group page called ‘Parents of Little Dolphins’ where we upload the newsletter, special activities, tips and committee news – please add us to see all the latest news. 

Clothing - Please can you ensure that your child has a warm and waterproof coat.