Spring 2 Newsletter (2020)

March - April 2020 Newsletter

Welcome back after the half term break – we hope you had a relaxing time with your children.

Over the last term we have observed the children taking an interest in dressing up and engaging in role play and small world play in a variety of contexts. Many of these imaginary games have shown them playing together co-operatively and displaying lots of fantastic language skills!

They have been focused on superheroes play and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce our real life superheroes and the people that help and look after us every day.

We have arranged visits from our local Police, Forest Ranger and Cook, as well as an exciting visit to the Fire Station (more information to follow).

As we are focusing on healthy eating and good practices, we are talking about healthy and unhealthy foods and the effects this has on our bodies.

By now you should have all received a sponsored bounce form. If you could try and bring the forms back with the sponsor money by the week of Monday 23rd March, it would be much appreciated.

The great British weather is always changing at the moment and we are apparently set to have a spell of cold weather. Please can you make sure your child has appropriate outdoor clothing, plus a change of clothes in case they get wet (All clothing to be named).

Topic this term: People who help us.

Week 1 – 24/02/2020 Cook

  • Pancake day- pancakes for snack (Tuesday 25th)
  • Role play area changed to Farm shop
  • ‘Funny food’ malleable play
  • Pitta bread pizza’s
  • My favourite food craft
  • Shopping list game/ Pizza pizza game
  • Song of the week- Silly Soup
  • Book of the week- Kitchen disco

Week 2 – 2/3/2020 Dentist

  • Visit from the local Dentist
  • Brushing our own teeth- Music and action activity
  • Looking at X-rays
  • Talking about healthy/ unhealthy food at circle time
  • Make a tooth brushing visual time table
  • Book of the week- The selfish crocodile (Audio book)
  • Song of the week- Brushing your teeth song

Week 3 – 9/3/2020 Fireman

  • Visit to Fire station- Mon & Tues AM
  • Group construction – Making a Fire engine
  • Squirty bottles to put out the number fire flames
  • Fire drill practice
  • Shape picture collage
  • Book of the week- Emergency services books
  • Song of the week- Five little Firemen

Week 4 – 16/3/2020 Police & Lollipop man

  • Making Mother’s day cards
  • Road safety focus
  • Visit to the Park
  • Police role play
  • Visit from Police officer- Thurs 19th
  • Stop & Go- Music and movement activity
  • Book of the week – Baby shark & the police/ Topsy and Tim meet the police

Week 5 – 23/3/2020 Forest Ranger

  • Visit from Forest Ranger- Tues 24th
  • Forest scene small world play
  • Making Pinecone bird feeders
  • Making a bird watching hide to watch the birds on the bird table
  • Going on a bird hunt and Nature walk
  • Exploring Magnification- Binoculars/ magnifying glasses
  • Clay animals
  • Book of the week- Percy the park keeper stories
  • Song of the week- Five little Ladybirds
  • Clocks go back 29/3

Week 6 – 30/3/2020 Vet

  • Pet area role play
  • Looking at footprints
  • Animal counting & sorting
  • Making chocolate Easter nests
  • Book of the week- Mog & the Vet
  • Song of the week- “Come to the Vets”

Important dates:

Friday 3rd April – Closure Day

Easter Holidays: Monday 6th April – Friday 17th April 2020

First day back after Easter – Monday 20th April 2020.